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Waltzing Mathilda's


The Birmingham Sketch Figting Dog
The Waltzing Mathilda's champions
Mijn teefjes
Blijde gebeurtenis
Ch.Kilacabar kwire boy
Ch. Gentle law man of Kilacabar
Ch.W.M. Xshoolgirl
Ch. Kilacabar kontinentel
Ch. W.M. Xcavenger
Ch. W.M. krokodile bigmouth

Kilacabar Kontinental Girl
12 months at the picture


Ch. Kilacabar kontinental


      Other wins: invited for  the C.E.T.S  1996:1997

                          Hopkoningin (Aalst)

                          Eurodogcup 1995 and 1997

                          Winner in Rotterdam 1996

                          Best couple with her brother in the B.T.C.B.

                               And in all breed shows.

                           With C.A.C./C.A.C.I.B./ B.O.B.

                           A very: nice little bitch


                         Pedigree: look at her brother  (Kwire boy)