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Waltzing Mathilda's


The Birmingham Sketch Figting Dog
The Waltzing Mathilda's champions
Mijn teefjes
Blijde gebeurtenis
Ch.Kilacabar kwire boy
Ch. Gentle law man of Kilacabar
Ch.W.M. Xshoolgirl
Ch. Kilacabar kontinentel
Ch. W.M. Xcavenger
Ch. W.M. krokodile bigmouth

Kilacabar Kwire Boy

Ch. Kilacabar kwire boy

Other wins: C.E.T.S. winner 1996

                   Ch. Harpers howda memorial trophy

                   Lenster trophy : for best B.T. dog on the continent

                   C.E.T.S. trophy for best B.T. on the continent

                    double Dutch trophy

                   Euro cup winner 1995.

                   Hopkoning 1996

                   Best dog terrier group and 4the place in show(Aalst)

                   And a lot more C.A.C. C.A.C.I.B. B.O.B. it goes on




                                                                 Ch.ghabar the admiral

                             Ch. Ghabar flagship

                                                                  Ghabar liberty

Ch. Kilacabar cabin bouy at bullyvark

                                                                  Grealltop matador

                              Joan la pucelle

                                                                   Grealltop sayani


                                                                   Ch.ghabar the admiral

                              Ch. Ghabar flagship

                                                                   Ghabar liberty

Tonbet white wonder of Kilacabar

                                                                    Aricon eye spy

                               Dancing donna of winton

                                                                     Elisha of ponder Rosa                                                                   




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