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Waltzing Mathilda's


The Birmingham Sketch Figting Dog
The Waltzing Mathilda's champions
Mijn teefjes
Blijde gebeurtenis
Ch.Kilacabar kwire boy
Ch. Gentle law man of Kilacabar
Ch.W.M. Xshoolgirl
Ch. Kilacabar kontinentel
Ch. W.M. Xcavenger
Ch. W.M. krokodile bigmouth

Gentle Law Man of Kilacabar

Ch.Gentle law man of Kilacabar:

           Other wins:

          Ch.kingfarms bonny boy memorial trophy for best coulered dog on the continent 2000

            memorial W. Servranckx trophy 1997

             runner up bulliada trophy 1999 in Poland

             club champion 1998

             B.I.S. 5 B.O.B .and 5 B.O.S. and C.A.C. /C.A.C.I.B.

                  To much to mention them all:




                                                                        Ch. Ghabar flagship

                                Ch. Kilacabar rolling thunder

                                                                         Joan la pucelle

Ch.Denpower baron Baskerville of Bullydale

                                                                         Emred  Nutcracker

                                 Countessa of Baskerville

                                                                         Hillanvale half moon


                                                                          Pollorts brygande


                                 Ch. Tyebar troble brewing

                                                                          Stanlana snow princess

                                                                                    Of tyebar

My elegant lady

                                                                          Buddy boy back chatter

                                Dame of yewtree

                                                                          Shes a treasure





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